Excerpt from Santa Baby



The Adventures of the Everyday Fangirl is happy to present this excerpt from Santa Baby by Colleen Keehne.

img_0187Bruce Springsteen’s gravelly voice singing about Santa Claus coming to town streamed from the jukebox in one corner of the diner. Multicolored twinkling lights covered the long bar near the back, coloring the glasses of beer and drinks that lined it. The tree at the far end of the bar was seven feet of old fashioned, symmetrical White Spruce. The colors of the dancing lights reflected in the shiny ornaments and tinsel that hung from its full branches. A silver star tree topper gave the tree a finished look. Patrons sat scattered among the tables and along the bar, eating or nursing drinks as they chatted. Rudy’s Diner was the only place to gather in the small but bustling town of Mistletoe, North Pole.
Bruce’s voice faded away, replaced by Elvis Presley…

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You’re not sticking it to the man.

Future Fairytales by Jolie Mason

Web piracy. You know, we usually blame the pirates for the whole problem, but, as in any capitalist system, the thieves are merely filing the void. The real problem is that there is a market for free books that weren’t paid for.

As readers who download without paying for a book, aka. Stealing, it’s important to note that the whole problem exists solely to feed your appetite, your entitlement. But, corporate profits! But Amazon is a monster! But, the man!

But, no. You are stealing from an author. A person who sits down every day pouring their heart and soul into a manuscript for months. Authors do this for many, many reasons, but a vast majority of us do it in pursuit of the dream that we should be able to do this all the time. We want to write, but we also need to eat.

I assume you have…

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