Santa Baby – A Mistletoe, North Pole Book

Santa Baby Synopsis

img_0187      Looking for a slower pace of living after a family tragedy had derailed her life’s plans, Jamie Winters moves to Mistletoe, North Pole at the urging of her best friend, Kandy. Even though she envy’s the love shared between Kandy and her mate Rudy, Jamie’s not looking for a romantic relationship. That changes when she literally bumps into Chris Kringle, the CEO of North Pole, Inc while waitressing at Rudy’s Diner.

Chris Kringle falls for the curvy brunette with the dark chocolate eyes the moment his eyes land on her. And when she had swayed toward him, her hands landing on her cheat, he had known she was the One. His fated mate. But his wooing of her won’t be easy. She’s human and he’s… more than human. Can she accept what Chris is? He’ll have to tread carefully to make it work between them before the menace stalking NPI and the Kringle family steals Jamie away.

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