WIP Update 02/07/2019

Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc. Book 1 (PNR)

I have two more chapters to edit/rewrite! Woot! Then I have two smallish plot holes to fix. After that I’m running through a text to voice app. You’d be surprised how much that catches! Word count, to date, is 85,262 words. Since I still have those two last chapters to do, that number will change.

Polar Shift – Mistletoe, North Pole Book 2 (PNR)

I haven’t touched this one for a year. The two main characters just aren’t talking to me. I’m sure they will at some point, I’ll just have to wait on them. Word count so far on this one is 11,856 words.

Tarkir – Dark World Warriors Book 1 (SFR)

I have done no work on this story. I hope to get to it after edits are done completely on my Paranormal Operations, Inc. book. Word count hasn’t change, it’s still at 8,889 words.

Incubus MC – Demon (PNR/MC)

See Tarkir, above. No progress at all. But I have been thinking about the story line. I think I need to “punch” up the story. Make it grittier, rougher, at least the bikers in it. Word count is at 4,870.

Kai and Kekipi (Hawaiian Tales PNR)

I’m not sure I’ll publish this one or just make it a freebie for on my author’s page. I’ve kind of lost interest in this story. I’m writing from a weird, third person point of view.  We’re heading to Hawaii this spring for a couple of weeks, maybe that will inspire to finish this short story. I’m still at 3,178 words on this one.

Future Plans

So my future plans from the last update was to find a day job. That didn’t go well at all, no one wanted an old woman! So with the support of my wonderful and loving hubby, I “retired”. I still have funds to pay all my bills this year and in Dec will file for SS. Life goes on, my friends!

My writing plans for the year are to finish my Paranormal Operations, Inc. book and hope to publish at the end of the year or Jan 2020. Then work on my SFR book. I have manuscripts started and lots of ideas! One even set right here in Las Vegas!

Lots happening!

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