WIP Update 11/17/2016

First WIP update:

Tarkir – Dark World Warriors Book 1 (SFR)

I was planning on working on my Taylor and Devon WIP (it’s at 18 chapters  now) and for a few days I did. But then I started to “hear” Tarkir kul Cadeym from my Dark Warrior SFR WIP whispering in my ear.

He’s telling me that he’s waited patiently for me to release Santa Baby but now that I have, he wants me to work on him finding HIS mate too. When a seven-foot, ripped to the max Dark Warrior talks to me, I listen!

I’m now half way through chapter 4 (1,098 words) and it’s rolling along OK. I’m doing some world building, adding people, ships, that kind of stuff as I go. Since this a SciFi romance, there’s a lot more to fill in.

Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc. Book 1 (PNR)

I’m setting at chapter 18 (62,048 words) with this one. This was is the story I started writing when I decide to do this. I know where it’s going and I know how I want it to end but now the two main characters, Taylor and Devon, just aren’t talking to me. I have basic notes for at least 2 of the support characters but I can’t (won’t) work on those until this first book is done.

Incubus MC – Demon (PNMCR)

5 chapters (4,866 words) are done on my paranormal MC romance. I’m not doing much work with it yet. Plus there will be spin-off books.

Kai and Kekipi

I’m almost done with this short story (2,968 words) loosely based on the Hawaiian legend about the Shark God Kamohoali’i. I’m writing in what I’m calling a narrative style. Not a lot of dialog between the characters.