Past Time for a Update! Sept 2020

I’m am so bad about updating here! Even my other WordPress page is in serious need of a WIP update. The problem is I’m not making huge advances in my writing. For a number of reasons. One I’m a slow writer, two I tend to edit as I write (and you should never do that!), three there’s been long stretches of time that my characters just don’t talk to me! And lastly…just my own lack of discipline in the midst the pandemic. So here is an up to date progress report!

Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc. Book 1 (PNR)

Nothing has change with this. My edits are done. Now I have to send the manuscript out to be professional edited. That’s not going to happen soon. Funds are tight for me and about to get tighter. I’ll have to look at my budget at a later date. But it’s DONE. Word count ended up at 87,932.

Note: I did play around one Saturday with the another cover for this one. Still on the fence about it though. Does it have a PNR vibe?

Polar Shift – Mistletoe, North Pole Book 2 (PNR)

I’m not working on this for now . I’m still 9 chapters into it and while the characters were talking to me again, they still didn’t want o go in the direction I wanted them to go. I hope to get some work done on the wip this week, maybe. The story I’ve been working on is stuck, so I’m thinking I need a change for a few days. So I’m deciding if I need to do a small rewrite or just forge ahead and see where everyone in the story ends up. Word count so far is 11,856

Tarkir – Dark World Warriors Book 1 (SFR)

So this is the book I’ve been working on. I’ve been trying to work on it at least an hour or two a day (during the week). And I’ve moved the story along a lot. But in thinking about what I have so far, it’s been more SF than SFR. I mean the two main characters have met, there’s some sexual tension between them, but no action yet. And I’m working on chapter 17! I may have rethink some of the early scenes. Word count as of today is 26,039

Incubus MC – Demon (PNR/MC)

I changed the location of the story. I had this one set in Las Vegas, but now it’s set in Portland, Or and the communities just west of there. I had to make this change because I have a story idea that needed to be set in Las Vegas and I didn’t want both books (series) set in the same place. So I need to make the changes in the manuscript. Word count is at 4,910.

Kai and Kekipi (Hawaiian Tales PNR)

Nothing has change with this. I’m not sure I’ll publish this one or just make it a freebie for on my author’s page. I’ve kind of lost interest in this story. I’m writing from a weird, third person point of view. We’re were in Hawaii in May for a two weeks, but didn’t even work on this short story. I’m still at 3,178 words on this one.

Future Plans:

Hubby and I are both home. We’re not going out much since we’re both older and fall into the higher risk category for the pandemic. Hubby is staying busy working on our race trailer, while attempt to write (see reason why that’s slow above). We go out for the essentials, food, Dr visits, prescription pick ups, that kind of stuff. So far (knocking on wood) we’ve avoided any sickness.

My writing plans for the year are fluid. Work on my Dark World Warriors book (Tarkir).Tinker with both my MC (Demon, Incubus MC, #1) and Polar Shift (Mistletoe, North Pole #2) and maybe find some time to finish my Hawaiian Legend wip.

I did take a couple of days to redo my book bible, where I try to keep all my info on each book I’m working on and new story ideas. I had a Excel book I was using(a different sheet for each book) but it prove to be less than ideal. So now have Word docs that I can fill out and print as reference while still saving soft copies on my hard drive.

Still so much to do!

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